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Silver-Plated Eye Shield, 

Eye Shields protect the patient’s lens during radiation therapy treatments.  They come in four different sizes and are highly polished.The small and medium solid lead shields fit under the eyelid to protect the lens, while permitting irradiation to the entire thickness and width of the eyelids in the treatment of superficial basal cell carcinomas of the skin.  Large solid lead shields are used when areas surrounding the eyes require irradiation, in which case, the shields are placed over the lid.  When only a portion of the eyelid requires irradiation, an extra large shield with a window is properly placed over the eyelid.

Eye Shields are fabricated of virgin lead and are silver-plated for life long protection.  Using a soft contact lens or coating the eye shield with dental wax will give a smooth surface on the eye to prevent scratching or irritation to the eye.  The lead permits less than 1% transmission of the radiation intensity at 120 kVp (3 mm Al HVL).

Always consult the Radiation Physicist when using eye shields in electrons.

Density Lead:  11.35 g/cm3
Thickness:  1.7 mm
Warranty:  One year

  • Density Lead: 11.35 g/cm3
  • Thickness: 1.7 mm
  • Silver Plated
  • Size S, M, L, XL

  • Small
    Varenr. : ME934-012
  • Medium
    Varenr. : ME934-014
  • Large
    Varenr. : ME934-016
  • X-Large
    Varenr. : ME934-018
  • Opbevaringsboks, 8 rum
    Varenr. : ME934-020
  • Voks ark, ca. 35 ark
    Varenr. : ME933-0122
  • Kontaktlinser, 6/boks
    Varenr. : ME937-700


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